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Upload & Download Files

Sending us files through our FTP site is very simple. To upload a file(s) without having to install or use any FTP software do the following:

  1. Call or send an e-mail to your contact at K.B.Foster Civil Engineering, Inc. to let us know you would lke to send us a file, and to obtain a username and password. Our FTP site requires authentication to provide our clients a secure place to share project data.
  2. Open a new windows explorer window.
  3. In the address bar type in this should now bring up a dialog requesting a username and password. Enter the username and password given to you by K.B.Foster and click ok to enter. You will be brought to the root of our FTP site.
  4. To send us files, open the "Incoming" folder. To get a file from us, open the "Outgoing" folder.
  5. Either "drag and drop" or "cut and paste" the files you want to upload or download, into the appropriate folder. A progress bar should now appear showing that the files are being copied to the server. If the file(s) are large it may take a while depending on your connection speed. After files have finished being copied, simply close the window.


If you are having trouble entering the site, be sure you have entered the correct username and password. if you enter the wrong login info to many times, you may be temporarily blocked from accessing the site. If you feel this may be the case, contact K.B.Foster.

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